Camp Four Creative is a Micro-studio focused on providing Team Based Design & Development services to Early Stage Startups

Whoa – that’s a lot of buzzwords. What does it actually mean?



C4C is made up of just the two of us. Alyssa handles all of the design, content, and marketing; and Will does frontend web development. Our team may be small, but we pack and punch when it's time to dig in. We keep our client roster small, only working with 2-3 companies at any given time, to make sure we're giving everyone the resources they need.


Team Based

For all intents and purposes, you should consider us teammates rather than contractors. We'll be in your Slack rooms, pulling long hours when the servers are down, and getting into heated discussions about product functionality. If you're looking for head-down pixel-pushers who won't talk back, please look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you want teammates who will work hard and treat your product like it's their own, we're your guys.



Alyssa has worked on everything from desktop-only web apps to the Apple Watch and anything inbetween. She regularly switches her SIM card from an iPhone 6s to a Google Pixel to make sure that she's up to date on the design patterns of both iOS and Android. She'll make sure your design goals are being met at all points in your product development journey, from wireframing to user interviews all the way through to beta testing.



Will focuses on frontend web development, bringing Alyssa’s designs to life with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and integrating user interfaces with backend APIs. Unlike many frontend devs, Will has experience with the full stack and will make sure that your app’s frontend will be integrated the right way the first time.


Early Stage Startups

The companies we work with are usually made up of a business / product person, a backend engineer, and sometimes an iOS engineer. We're a great investment for a company that wants quality design and frontend dev for a more reasonable cost than hiring two people full time.

Take it from them...

  • Alyssa and Will are a powerful design and development team. We came to them with a project to help modernize Ascendify’s talent communities with a responsive design for our clients and they nailed it. They’re great at design and write clean, modern code.

  • Working with Camp Four was the catalyst to getting Motoroso off the ground. With their early involvement, we had a visual style and interaction designs that allowed us to validate our vision before building. The team is friendly, thoughtful, excellent at listening, and strategic. I highly recommend this team!

  • Alyssa is an amazing person to work with.  Not only does she execute with amazing speed, the end result with her feedback is probably 2x better than you expected.  She is truly a must-have part of the team.  I’d recommend her 11/10 times.